I love D&D PnP, and I hate, hate hate, hate, this game.

User Rating: 1 | The Temple of Elemental Evil PC
Not only is this game one of the worst, unrefined, poorly coded, shoddenly controled Dunegons and Dragons games in the last decade, but its also one of the worst games I've ever played period.

I love D&D PnP, this game however much you want to beleive could be like real DnD isnt... this game totally fails to execute pretty much anything.

Bad glitchy poorly run graphics, decent sound, terrible terrible controls. Little to no explaination about the games weird interpriation of some of the already complicated game rules.

The game also starts extremely bad, stupid story, horrible first quest. I've been trying to like this game on and off for 4 years now.

I thought maybe I really didnt like DnD anymore, so I picked up DnD tactics for the PSP to test myself. I think DnD tactics is an 8 to 9 score game.

So congratulations to ToEE - you get a 1 and I hate you.