Addictive & Highly enjoyable after finally being able to get this bug infested game to be playable on XP.

User Rating: 6 | The Temple of Elemental Evil PC
This has got to be the buggiest game I have played to date! But once - or should I say; finally, after many wasted downloads - I finally managed to get this bug-infested game to play on Windows XP, I found it to be very enjoyable, and highly addictive.

However, after the god-knows-how-many crashes & freezes, I finally gave up in despair of ever completing this game.

I did enjoy the fresh looking interface, but perhaps it was the "new" game rules, or the Radial menu set-up, but it just didn't "feel" right.

Having said all that, I highly enjoyed what part I did get to play (which I believe was probably about half the campaign.) I was soo looking forward to completing this game, after reading all the positive reviews when it came out (which was when I got it.) However, a complete re-build of the computer system, and 2 fresh re-installs of XP later, I finally got to start playing the game. I only wish I could complete it!