Technomancer collection?

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Will there be any kind of Collection edition of some kind for this game.

All i see is some Countries will get a special metal tin to hold there game in & some say thats the collection deal.

Still want game, however, is there any other information on or about (collection edition or special edition) of any kind that i cant find on Google/Ebay/Amazon..ect.

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interesting game! and no one talk about it or any rating!!

i well have it when they do special offer ... like less then 25$

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@wtf_damn: It's a fun game. Not perfect, but really fun.

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@wtf_damn: Steam sale already has it down to $38. Definitely worth picking up for that price. I'm not too far into it (about 2 hrs) but I'm loving it so far; even enough to take time to put up a review. :)