A short but enjoyable experience

User Rating: 6 | The Swapper XONE

The Swapper takes place on an abandoned spaceship where you play as a scavenger trying to explore the ship and survive until rescued. Along your way, You find a device that allows you to create clones and transfer your consciousness into them in order to complete puzzles and advance further into the ship. And as you progress through the ship, You learn more about the story of why it was abandoned and you begin to question your own humanity due to the constant creating and killing of your own clones, most of which you transferred your consciousness into it.

And I think that is where The Swapper really shines. Despite it being annoyingly short (it'll take roughly 2 hours to beat), The game provides a very interesting story that keeps you thinking and makes you want more. And that I feel is the game's biggest strength. Now couple that along with the dark atmosphere that fits the game perfectly and you have a pretty enjoyable but short experience.

What does knock off points for me are the rather needless collectables that are scattered throughout. And while I don't necessarily hate collectables, I am a bit annoyed that they are scattered in such an obscure way that you could complete the game without finding any of them. At least make it more reasonable to find you know? And I was a bit disappointed with how straightforward most of the puzzles were and how very few of them required you to actually think. That disappointed me a bit as well.

Overall: 6/10
The short length and rather straight-forward puzzles didn't do much justice for the game but the strength lies in the story. It's the story that makes this game worth playing. And getting that very easy 1000 GS helps too.