Again bugs... are there no testers?

User Rating: 4 | The Surge PS4

The world of the surge and the characters, company Creo and the sidequests were great. Had I been judging based only on that, I would give it 7 (maybe 8). But the bugs killed the gamestar. It is possible I didnt get some of the game mechanic and thats why the fight went poorly for me. I could finish Demons souls, Dark souls, Bloodborne and Lords of the fallen with lightweight characters but here I got easily killed by characters in light armor while I was wearing heavy sentinel armor. They were doing triple the amount of damage I did to them (using the same weapon on level 4). Sometimes the kill animation send me falling into abyss, sometimes the combo took me to the railing and beyond, sometimes I was not able to target enemy couple of meters afar. So... Im going to mourn the potential and try something else.