Deck13 evolves a lot compared to your previous work.

User Rating: 8 | The Surge PC
In 2014 was released Lords of the Fallen, the '' clone '' of Dark Souls, really was very similar to Dark Souls, similar gameplay, and was a game that was sold as difficult, Lords of the Fallen did not please as much, It was difficult to understand, but it was a good game at times, and 3 years later, Deck13 Interactive brings The Surge, which was immediately called Dark Souls of the future, I was not Excited to The Surge, the videos of the game did not please me, but I surprised myself at the time of playing, first it is not as similar to Dark Souls as it appeared, there are many particular ones, the game has pause for example, the combat system is different , And I found it very interesting, since you can choose a point of the enemy to hit, and there are few bosses in the game, only 5, but all the bosses are good to face, and the best of them are very different, and they are difficult too , The environment is legal, but it's nothing in Often, you go through destroyed places, and many places I already had impression in already have seen in a movie or series, and not so great the variety, you can pass in a place several times later, the game has great areas to explore , But it does not get to be giants like the Souls series, the soundtrack is forgettable, and the game has scraps, and several types of weapons, each with their differences, and the armors are very good, it's really cool to see their complete armor , The plot is good to some extent, it loses the quality in the progress, but I found it very cool the protagonist of the game to be a knockout, this was something very different and cool, The Surge is a great step of Deck13 for a future game that Can be the great competitor of the series Souls, The Surge surpasses Lords of the Fallen, with good graphics, good gameplay and great boss. Note 82