Silent Hill it ain't, RE 4 it is not, but it is still a fun run-n-gun horror game.

User Rating: 7.3 | The Suffering PS2
The Suffering throws you into the hellish world of Carnate Island. Every other review will tell you the plot, so I'll just skip all that. The game has zero scare factor, but plenty of gore. Maybe I'm just desensitized by all the horror games that I have played in the past. (kill everyone). The graphics in this game are well done for the style the developers were after. The physics engine works well for the most part, but every now and then I would find myself getting stuck in the walls or a set of stairs. The weapons selection is decent, and the game is rather merciful with ammo. I really like the monster designs, but I could have used more of them. Fighting the same evil creatures over and over gets a bit dull after a while. A few more boss battles might have helped as well. I was impressed with the sound in this game, and think it would make an excellent Halloween tape to play while trick-or-treaters bug you for candy. If one cares, you do unlock more of the evil islands history as you progress through the game. Periodically, you get psychic flashes of your family, which I guess is supposed to have some emotional impact or something along those lines. Torque has no personality whatsoever, and sometimes your psychic flashes interfere with fighting. Therefore, it makes it that much harder to care about the fact that you might have killed your family. Imagine being at work, and periodically having your wife and child pop up in your head saying random things while you try to file a report. Jeez, they had it coming.