Just writing this for some information to share as this is a game which is one of a KIND for me atleast till yet.

User Rating: 8 | The Sting! PC
This is a game which shouldn't go unplayed if u like strategy games as this is a game which aren't made again and again . I have searched the web for hours but i did not find another game same as this . If any other person on net find a game other than this please pm me i m dying to play another game like this .
Although this game has some glitches which sometimes makes u so irritated because u plan for like 40 minutes ,make your mind blow and then some character get glitched and jams and whole plan in crashed . But i like this game as according to my gaming life there are only 4 great games made
Max payne
Devil may cry
Zeus and posieden The sting
These games are EVERGREEN games u can play them as many time as u want . The best thing i like about this game is that there is no other game like this this is a UNIQUE game ever made which makes me feel sad also sometimes as there is no sequel or other part or any other game like this ,thats too bad isnt it?
Well i will really really appretiate if anyone know any other game similar to this and i will be a lot and lot greatfull and thankfull if anyone pm me about this .