Great game, but has flaws

User Rating: 7.6 | The Sting! PC
This game is a really good game. I bought this a while back, and completed the first few levels no sweat. But then, once you get to about level 10, it starts to get really hard, and the only way i could complete the levels were to read walkthroughs. The way you play this game is to record a plan by telling people where to go, and recording it. Then you play it back, and if you dont get caught, you get all the 'bounty' that you collected on your way. There are some flaws though, such as characters not doing that you asked them to do (like you ask them to go through a window, but they just stand outside it walking in circles, even though it worked in the plan), so some levels are extremely irritating.

Overall though, this game is good value for money, and it has a storyline which is quite good.