This is NOT a computer game

User Rating: 1 | The Stanley Parable PC

This is simply mis-categorized as a "computer game" when in reality it's a short film. Paying 15$ or 12 euros for such a short animation, with literally no gaming included, is the definition of a ripoff. Make no mistake there is no gaming element involved, the only thing you can do is walk and push the occasional button and that's it.

Let's say that you like the narrator and you simply want to pretend playing this animated story. Even then walking around feels clumsy and the camera rotates horribly. It's then when you realize that if there was any gaming element to this production you wouldn't be able to finish it at all.

I can't really understand why there are any kind of positive reviews for this so called "game". It is, without exaggeration, a very short interactive video that costs 15$.