Although it has a couple of glitches, this game should provide a fun if derivactive gaming experience.

User Rating: 7 | The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie XBOX
Gameplay: 8

The gameplay is incredibly similar to that of Battle for Bikini-bottom, the only difference between SpongeBob's moves in BFBB and the movie is that in BFBB, his moves have different names and are made out of bubbles. Shown below are what moves SpongeBob processes in both these games and what the difference is between their names: Bubble spin - karate spin; viking-helmet bash - bash move; the bubble bowl - spongebowl; cruise bubble - sonic wave guitar. However the concept of an open-ended design has disappeared, the gameplay still stands as an improvement upon Battle for Bikini-bottom by giving the player the ability to drive the patty wagon, this added feature will more-than-likely please players who enjoy kart-racing games deeply, except you don't race anything other then the clock in these races.

Graphics: 7

The graphics are almost exactly the same to that of Battle for Bikini-bottom, for a video-game based around a 2-D children's television series, these graphics are almost excellent, but if you compare them to the graphics of many, many other video-games, the graphics are almost bad.

Plot: 7

The storylline is based loosely around the movie, with afew other added features. (e.g. The dream that SpongeBob and Patrick experienced whilst they were being taken away by the alledged cyclops.) Considering that the plotline of the movie was average for childrens TV series spin-off that just oozed originality, and with about half-a-dozen other original (if somewhat unnecesary) features added into it, it results in a slightly above average storyline for its aimed audience.

Sound: 7

The sound is (as you might of already guessed) almost exactly the same to that of Battle for Bikini-bottom, the background music and the voice talent matches up with the environment and the characters personalities almost perfectly, in Battle for Bikini-bottom, the characters mouths hardly moved or matched their mouth at all. (with the exception of the cutscenes you will see throughout the game) This makes the sound in SpongeBob Squarepants: the movie slighlty above average.

Overall: 7

The SpongeBob Squarepants movie is arguably an improvement upon Battle for Bikini-bottom, but it's still nothing you can't get from several other better game titles. Another thing that makes the movie game superior to the other SpongeBob game produced by "Heavy iron studios" is that this game wasn't too easy for me so this game should appeal to SpongeBob's older audience as well. In fact, there are a few parts in the game that are too difficult and frustrating to be a kids game, such as the Rock-slide: macho-time challenge.

Thank you for reading my honest review of: The SpongeBob Squarepants movie.