The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie on Ps2 brights up in areas that weren't seen in the GameCube port.

User Rating: 10 | The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie PS2
Sponge-bob and Patrick must go to Shell City to retrieve King Neptune's lost crown and stop Plankton's "Plan Z''. The one thing that makes Shell City so ancient is that no one ever returned from that place.

Game play:
Fun as it was on Game-Cube. You use a variety of moves to knock bad guys out as well as unlocking them from the upgrade menu. Throughout the game, you collect Goofy Goober tokens. If you think these are just for fun, well guess again, you need these tokens to progress more in the game.

Nice character models and level layout like the Game-Cube port and the one thing that makes it even more nice is that in some areas on each level, objects bright up and shine.

Music and Sound:
Nice music score and nice sound effects.

Left Dual Shock 2 analog stick for moving. X for jumping. Square for hitting.

Lasting Appeal:
This game on PlayStation 2 was as fun as it was on Nintendo Game-Cube and brights up in areas that were not seen on the Game-Cube port. 10 out of 10.