The Sims 1 is a game that u can sit for hourse enjoy playing allthough,,like in real life u have to keep things in shape

User Rating: 8 | The Sims (DVD) PC
ahh the game that started it all,,golden years erhm i mean day's,,

All the stuff u can do in SimS is pretty cool,rewarding,,fun and enjoyable,,needless to say there are som dumb flaws and stuff in the game but not many flaws,,

playing sims is like doing everything double up,,like i nreal lfie,,diff is that u do this on a computer:P,,well now on to the good and not so great stuff:

+ Buying houses is fun n also building houses,,dialogs funny and a little dumb
u can pause and rewind and rewind forward fast

- some flaws your char doesnt always go in the direction u want and takes to long,,watching your sim on the toilet why? stupid,camera angels,,and your sim get stuck whoa!

Otherwise a Brilliant game i might Add B+ Little stupid But FunTime=),,itæs totally rubbish but fun,,why keep your sim happy,,why can' they be happy on their own,,i just gave them many things to feed on,,cry ;(( :/:p