I feel like I am a superstar just playing this game!

User Rating: 9.2 | The Sims: Superstar PC
Wow, besides Vacation, this was probably the best ever original Sims add-on! The stars were really cool! The entire, meet stars and become a star concept was very smart, and awsomelty fun!

Graphics - 7/10 ~ Doesn't even come close to the Sims 2, but still for the time, and the way they were portrayed, they are wicked cool!

Audio - 9/10 ~ The audio was wicked, and with the new expansions, came new music, which was always right on tune with the occasion or place!

Gameplay - 10/10 ~ The Sims gameplay was just as wicked as the Sims 2. Not to mention, the best part of the game, you sometimes had your own obsessed fan! *Byfar the funniest part of the game*

Overall, get this game just to play the add-on materials! The Sims is pretty cheap now, so you can get this one and have an awsome time!