This IS a GAME.

User Rating: 9.7 | The Sims (DVD) PC
--Well, seven years ago, Maxis and EA released a life simulator, called, The Sims. Millions of people bought it. Why? Controlling somebody's life is... FUN? Yes, it is. Let's find the reason...

--As I said, it's a life simulator. You make people, put them in an area/house, and control them. It's really simple and extremely entertaining. Making a family has very limited choices. You choose the head, the costume and Sim's horoscope. It's limited. It's simple. It's BAD.

--After making a family, everything starts. Your family has 20.000 Simaleons(or dollars). You put them into an area or house. Let's continue with putting them into an area. Let's build our family's house! Build section is detailed well and it's easy to make superb-looking houses. And I MUST say that songs are superb. Aw, classical music! --After you build your house, you have to put something in it, right? It's limited but enough. Okay, let's LIVE!

--Controls are easy. You use the mouse and click on an object and click a command. It's simple!!!!

--Graphics aren't superb but they suit to the game.

--In the end, buy this game if you haven't yet.