The Sims - A game about nothing. A story of success.

User Rating: 8.3 | The Sims (DVD) PC
The Sims is the first installment of The Sims series and it seemed like the game was unfinished. There were little objects, little clothes, little of everything! The creators were bargaining on their expansions. For 30 bucks, I felt ripped off. But I did my best to make this review fair.

The gameplay could be good or bad. You can never win, but you can lose but death. No matter what you do, there is no way of winning. No matter how many millions you have or how many Sim kids you have, you're still playing. There is no screen saying you won. It just goes on forever and ever. The Sims don't age, so once a kid always a kid, once an adult always an adult. Only Sim babies age and they turn into kids where they eternally a child. This may be nice for people who want replayability, but some want to reach certain goals like completing a game.

The objective is to keep your Sims happy, satisfying their needs like using the toilet and having relationships. Each Sim has a customizable personality during its creation phase. That effects how they live.

The graphics are choppy being the Sims look like legos and are pretty ugly. The objects look ordinary, nothing special. The soundtracks are nice like classical and jazz. Thumbs up!