Revolutionary little people

User Rating: 9.9 | The Sims (DVD) PC
Hello again!! Now I will write about one of the games which have revolted the World: The Sims.

Its graphics now look a bit ot-of-dated, but it is only due to the high standards we are used to see nowadays. Despite the fact The Sims is practically 2-D, some really amazing creations have been sent to the world wide web to a hundred websites, only devoted to this revolutionary game.

SimCity was nice to play with also, but it kept us wondering what if we could ever live in a Sim City? The Sims was the obvious answer: Make a family and friends, get a life, make it succesful or ruin it... it is up to you.

Human life is actually a very interesting topic: Not even today have we been able to ultimately understand what happens inside us, but we like to fantasize about it... We dream of recreating it... an we enjoy it. The Sims' creators have tried their best to recreate how a human lives, yet on a very basic level of needs' satisfaction.

Sometimes, even while I play The Sims2, I decide to change it for The Sims CD, and give it a try. It is incredible how fun can this old-game still be!!

The Sims 2 went a bit further on most aspects, but these lines are dedicated to the father of the genre: The Sims. I take my hat out, and bow to it. Good Luck!!