Sims is a great game but, if you only like fast paced games then this would not be the game for you.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Sims PS2
(+) gameplay that never seems to get repetitive, good amount of clothes for when you create a Sim, good graphics for this type of game, the fact that you can make every Sim different with stats like nice-mean, neat-messy, outgoing-shy, adds on to the fun in the game.

(-) When the Sims talk the guys sometimes sound the same and most women you create sound alike.

This was the first Sim game that you raise computerized people in a house. When you play this game in get a life mode you start out as a bum in your moms house so you have to complete goals in order to move out to the next house this mode seemed a little confusing at first but, it is not hard to get the hang of it. When you have Sims in either Get a Life mode or Play The Sims mode you have to try to keep there bars up like bladder, fun, social,(hardest one to get up) room, hygiene, comfort and energy level. I recommend that you give each of your Sims good paying jobs so you will get rich fast like I did in the game. My house in Play The Sims mode got so large that my Sims had a bit of trouble locating bathrooms. Many things happen on this game some things are good some are bad like every night when my Sims try to sleep the phone rings telling me about decorations which is very annoying but, it adds a little humor to the game.

Each Sim you create in Play The Sims mode or Get A Life mode has bars with other Sims or neighbors which is like there friendship level it can get very high if you have the two Sims talk a lot with each other and other things but, it can also decrease if you have a mean Sim or one that doesn't like the other it can go down to negative. I don't recommend that you create a mean Sim because it could mess up your family's social level big time. Social is most likely the hardest stat to keep up on this game so just create one if you want a laugh but, it will not be funny for long. In Play the Sims mode if you evict the family in the house you want and empty it you get like ten thousand dollars to spend on what you need don't buy fancy stuff yet because if you run out of money game over.

The better items you purchase in the game will work better than the basic stuff you buy at first for example when you buy a better couch it gives a bit more comfort level than the cheaper one. there are some many ways you can customize your house on the game to like if you get a little extra money build a bit of walls connected to the house for another bathroom for your Sims. You can also make yourself and others you know in this game which makes it a lot more entertaining. I recommend that you get three cooking levels and one or two mechanical for each Sim because it would make the game a bit easier.

I would recommend this game to anyone that ones a change in pace but, not to fast pace only gamers.