The Sims is where EA started to make this awesome and addictive game. This game is the BEST on the PC.

User Rating: 10 | The Sims (DVD) PC
The Sims is a excellent game made by EA. This was the first game that introduced maknig yourself or others in a virtual life, that was realistic.

The good points are that there isn't a main story, okay, so you want to get money, you have to get a job. The console versions are good, but they don't come with amazing expansion packs, like Makin' Magic, House Party and Super Star. This game is highly addictive, raising your family up, getting enough cash to make your "dream house". The camera angles might only be at corners, but ignore that, and look at the game as a whole. You can have an upstairs on the PC and MAC, but on the PS2, Xbox and Game Cube you can't which limits you a bit. The console versions of the original Sims aren't really good, but the Sims 2 console versions are still good, but not AS good as the PC version.

Overall, The Sims should not be missed by any Sim fan, like me. I've played this game inside out, but don't have it, need to get it soon. If you like this review, you should get it on the PC as well.