Bring it up, feed it, phew!

User Rating: 9.3 | The Sims (DVD) PC
For anyone who liked building a city in simcity, but also for those without a life, or at least without a normal life. To say this game is good would be an understatement. Even without all the add-ons, the sims is a masterpiece. Bringing up a virtual family is the coolest idea anyone ever had. The graphics, whether you are zoomed right in or right out, are superb. Nothing is prerendered, as every detail depends on what you've got in and around your house or farm or...whatever. Nothing goes fuzzy at all, and everything has its own action, and you can even see the plugs and switches on lights, ovens and microwaves. The soundtrack is great. During loading screens, on the building or on the buying screens, the music is great. It's obvious why they don't put music on whilst playing the game-because they want you to make the decision. You can buy a stereo and put music on! You can also download your own music onto it, but I'm not telling you how because it could crash your game. Finally, the gameplay...there's no plot except live. The gameplay is excellent. You really feel in control of all situations, whether the baby is crying or the cooker is on fire. You feel amazing and really pleased with yourself. A superb game with no limit to it.