Fabulous music, entertaining additions, a whole new Sims world to keep you busy.

User Rating: 10 | The Sims: Makin' Magic PC
Sims is a franchise that will always stand on its own, breaking the conventional meanings of a video game - linear story, with beginning and ending and bosses, enemies or missions. If you actually perceive the right way, Sims is a never-ending game.

Makin' Magic installment was purely amazing. The previous expansion packs were brilliant, with fantastic themes and additions, but this one reached the top. It rounds up the Sims idea, adding something we always wanted in our life - magic.

I absolutely loved everything. The fairs with accessible magician tools and scenes were enthralling and brilliant. I loved the concept of endeavor Sims had to go through to become good magicians. Studying, analysing and discussing books were somehow very funny in this expansion pack, probably because it is obvious that one's Sims is being upgraded just to show off excellent tricks in front of the very demanding audience.

All the mischiefs that happen if the Sims don't charm spells the right way were hilarious. And - those creepy houses that could only be purchased by special magic coins were a fantastic idea.
Music (as usually) was exceptional, only this time it was really flawless, creating charming and magical atmosphere in the game.

In overall, an amazing expansion pack that could really be excluded and declared as a standalone game.