A superb game that ever one should try out.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Sims (DVD) PC
The gameplay in The Sims is brilliant; the game starts you off with a small neighbourhood and with 10 lots to build your dream house. You can create your own Sims and choose stuff for your sim ranging from head to clothes and you can choose their star sign and will act like that in the game, for example if your is sloppy in there star sign they will clean anything up and if they are active they will enjoy sports “stuff” more than lazy people. The game has 70+ objects from the start to build your house ranging from small black and white TVs to plasmas TVs but you have to earn money to buy all the good stuff and that’s when you have to get your Sims jobs. The jobs are stuff like entertainment and the military. Overall the gameplay in the Sims is brilliant.

The graphics in the Sims is a little plain but overall quite good, the game models look nice and so does the houses and the furniture, the blend of 2D and 3D graphics adds to the effect and make the game look nice. Overall the graphics in the Sims look good but do look a little plain.

The sound in the Sims is great, the music you get the game is good. The Sims language (simlish) sounds nice. There is some music in the game what you get from the radio what sounds good. Overall the sound in the Sims sound great.

The value for this game is superb, the game doesn’t have any mission or objectives so you can play and play for as long as you want. Plus this game has 7 expansion packs to keep the series going. Overall the value for the Sims is superb.

Overall experience
Overall if you haven’t played this or any Sims game yet then you should try out the Sims.