Great fun. Lengthy storyline and re-playable many times. Simple yet endlessly entertaining and accessible to all

User Rating: 9.5 | The Sims PS2
I had this game growing up, buying it maybe 10 years ago. At the age of 17 I still love it just as much, I think proving it as an ageless game. Yes, the graphics are weak compared to the modern Sims but in terms of gameplay it's pretty unbeatable.

If you are unfamiliar with the endless amount of 'Sims' games, well, the object is you make a character and you LIVE. At first you may ask, why? It sounds dull living out someone else's live when you could enter the real world and actually live your own life. Well, you're wrong. It's much more fun living another reality life whee you can enjoy being mean to your neighbours and afford a considerably nicer house then you probably own.

Moving on, in this Sims game, you have the option of playing 'Get a Life' or 'Freeplay'. In the Gt a Life mode, you start with a sexual fantasy in your mothers couch before moving out into your own house, and the aim is to live a simulated life with a series of goals on your way to guide you, and after a fair few hours (estimated at least 30) you end up in a mansion, married with kids. Not spoiling every detail, there are of course many tasks along the way to make things more interesting.

If you however choose freeplay, you get a much less satisfying experience and it's incredibly easy to get bored, which is why I have rated this game 9.5 rather then 10.

So overall, I love this game. It's accessible to all ages and rather then being 'challenging', it's simple but takes a lot of time to complete. Great fun, relaxing and entertaining.