This game is the life you wish you had. This game may be one of the most addicting games in gaming history. Truely great

User Rating: 9.5 | The Sims (DVD) PC
Some games are the first to do something. And most of the time it takes time to make that game perfect. But that doesnt go for the sims, this game got it right the first time and just improved its perfectness over the years. The gameplay is extremely addicting and you will be playing longer than 100 hours of gameplay. the gameplay is easy and sometimes repetitive but other than that little bit of repetitivness, this game is close to perfect.

The gameplay is amazing and easy. The click and drag controls are very easy to learn. Altough making desiscions are hard to make just becuase that head gets annoying. But not enough to where you get upset. The graphics are great for a PC game and the objects you can buy are very good and mesh well with everything. And all the social choices just make this game excellent and close to life. Of course you never know exactly what there saying since they speak in simlish its still funny and enjoyable.

There isnt that much of a story in this game, the only story is the one you live. You create the story you dont just do it you chose it.

All in all this game is amazing and if you like games play it, if you like simulation games you HAVE TO PLAY THIS!