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User Rating: 9.3 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
Ok so this is the third expansion of sims so in this game you can go out too the mall or resturant order food talk walk around talk too others and talk too your date fall in love during the date then go home and have sex.In this game you can make your own like mall or resturant or sex party or something and you can get cash by people buying your food cause you make a resturant.The objects in this game are all kool there's more bars more table's you can get new beds waitresses and also go too the city you can either just walk around and makeout on the bench or you can go to a nightclub or a mall or a resturant the mall is not a mall all it is just a big building where you walk around you cant go shopping or anything so thanks for reading and enjoy the game! p.s. it's hard too fall in love.