getting better but still not much chagnes

User Rating: 7.7 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
amm so the game : THE SIMS its a great game because
its a new stuff that no one played befor . . . you are making a family
and you can build them a house and you are putting every thing there like you want and you are sending them to job and school and all that stuff are very fun
because you are like the god of them.
you are telling them to eat when they are hungry and when to go to the bath room
and when to clean and when to fix and this is realy fun but its getting board realy quick and why??because they aren't growing up and dies when they are old . . . so you are old the time doing the same stuff and nothing change . . .
and thats somthing that gett boring very quick and then its not that fun . . .
so its nice in the begining but then its getts board and you don't wanna tuch this game any more