The extravagant Sims: Hot Date adds more social interactions and changes the game itself.

User Rating: 9 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
The Sims: Hot Date is the third expansion pack released for The Sims as so far (with my ratings) is probably the second best expansion pack out of the seven.

Now for the first time in Sims history, Sims can wonder into a new area, called Downtown. Sims hire a cab ($50) to go to places for fine-dining, recreation and more fun. The Downtown area is great, lots of fun. Except the tricky part is making sure that the 8 bars remain full enough for your Sim to enjoy the outing.

Not only that, but new furniture items as well! Clothing goes through the roof with more clothes added. And the big part is social interactions, five new kisses, new conversations, new ways to hug each other and many new ways to socialize.

Good thing is, you can customize the lots in Downtown and there is a place where you can build an attraction.

The Sims purpose is controlling a Sim in a basic home with modest furniture and luxurious entertainment. Even going on a date.

The Sims: Hot Date is a must own for owners of The Sims.