Who doesn't want to have there Sim go out on a date!? Another quality expansion to a great series.

User Rating: 8 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
The Good: (expansion) When I first started playing this game I got addicted. I loved the graphics and how I could control almost all aspects of my Sims life. The modding community is spectacular and you can find just about everything you could imagine to add to the game.The characters actually talk so it is fun to hear their conversations in simmish. There's a lot of stuff you can buy for your sims. You can build a pool and a lot of other stuff. You can hire people and you can pick from many jobs for your own Sim. The only limit is your imagination with this game.
The Bad: A few glitches but all in all the game is smooth and you will have hours of enjoyment if you enjoy games like this. The minor issues will not ruin your gameplay in anyway.

Singleplayer:8.0 (much replayability)
Multiplayer: N/A

Conclusion: (expansion) Overall this game is highly addictive, and highly fun. If you have a PC, (which you will have if you are reading this) buy this game. It's a great series with many hours to let your imagination run wild in. I have always wanted to let my Sims go out on a date! Now they can!

My Score:8.0 Great