If you want more socialising for your Sims, this is a big necessity for you!

User Rating: 8 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
NB: You must have either The Sims and Livin' Large or The Sims Deluxe for this.
(The official box says just the Sims, but upon installation it requires Sim's Livin' Large objects. I suppose it's for self-promotion).

If you like watching you Sims interact, whether with good or bad intentions, this is the expansion you're looking for.
If you think your Sims can get on WAY too easily – after all, if you work at it you can get meet someone and be married in three days – here's your irreversable remedy.

Plus you get furniture and stuff! Mostly romance related, so I can't really picture guys having much use for the extras unless they're peeping Toms who actually obey the restarining order and are looking to get their questionable kicks from a different, more digitalised source.
Let us NOT elaborate on this.

Hot Date for the Sims will let you bring your Sims to the new Downtown, where they can shop for romantic flowers, or dine out with the digital-Sim of their dreams. Even if it's a burger bar. Here they can interact romantically and you, perv that you are, can watch intently. (This is where the 'Guilty Pleasure' bit comes in.)

Ahem, anyway.
While you are downtown, you can also get some NEW – and most invited – features.
Got a pair of matching Sims that just don't match up? Why? Chances are they can't hold a conversation because they're not interested in one another. You can now buy magazines to modify their interests. Note, however you cannot just buy all magazines for everyone and put all their interests to the max. Every time you gain ONE stat for a topic, another topic, usually chosen at random, has ONE stat removed. You stick with your allocated number.
Sick of all you fat white guy Sims in their hideous swimsuits? You can now buy new outfits – swimsuits, formal and sleepwear (which includes *ahem* 'romantic' sleepwear). If you have the Vacation expansion, you can buy new Winterwear too – most welcome seeing as some winterwears do not look particularly flattering. You've even got your (very) old-fashioned bathers and sweaters for the grandma types – it's ALWAYS weird seeing your hot, saucy grandma in a bikini, or you weedy old grandpa in a (not very) flattering pair of Speedos.

Probably the only downside here is that the new relationship system of TWO bars (daily and lifetime – the old stat is now referred to as daily) not only take forever to change if you want a couple to get together (you want the Lifetime bar to be high) but you can no longer click on them to see how your Sim rates the relationship. Instead, you get the Bio with other new, more tutorial-suitable facts around and around. No longer 'Cool' or 'Heart's Desire' to be seen.

Not to beat around the bush (it's battered enough already), this is a great expansion for those that like the Sims.