A superb expansion pack that all sims owners should own.

User Rating: 9 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
The gameplay in the Sims: hot date hasn’t changed from the original game but now the game is now focused on dating. There is a new area called downtown and some new objects as well like a fishpond, ice cream counter and a cuddle couch. In the downtown neighbourhood there is stuff like shops, restaurants, parks and a beach. There are new clothes for your Sims in the downtown area, like new swimsuits and formal wear. There are 40 new social options and a new long-term relationship meter what increases over time by taking away one point from your short-term relationship meter to the long-term meter. They have added another feature to your sim called interests, interests are what your sim is “interested” in, for example: Music, parties, and technology. Overall the gameplay in the Sims: hot date is great with all the features added in this expansion pack.

The graphics in the sims: hot date has not changed at all for the earlier games but they do look a bit better, the new downtown area looks nice and so do the new furniture. There are new clothes for your Sims what looks nice. Overall the graphics in the Sims: hot date looks nice but haven’t changed much since the first game.

The sound in the Sims is great, the music you get the game is good. The Sims language (simlish) sounds nice. There is some music in the game what you get from the radio what sounds good. There is a new jazz music station that you can hear around downtown that sounds ok. The new NPCs (cashiers, janitors) have there own simlish voices. Overall the sound for the Sims: hot date is superb part of this game.

The value for the Sims: hot date is great, it adds a lot of new items and clothes for your sims and the new downtown areas adds a lot of a new experience for you and your sims. Overall the value for the Sims: hot date is great.

Overall experience
Overall if you are a fan of the Sims you would of already picked up this game but if you are looking for a superb expansion pack for the Sims then you should pick up this game.