Really expands the sims universe...come see why

User Rating: 8.2 | The Sims: Hot Date PC
This game really really expands your social options. Now you can take another sim on a date. You have many options at what you can do but if you move along on your date to fast she or he will get mad. So you have to start off conversationally, flirt and take it from there. You can have new kids that way besides adopting. Sadly you don't see the woman pregnant. You also get a whole new place to go to which is " Downtown " You can meet dates here. This is where you would take them out to. Also just walk around and get to see the view. To get there you call a taxi and they will pick you up and drop you off you can have your date meet you at the location that you are going to or have her come over than call the cab and she will come in with you. So its a whole new city and expands the sims socially.