The Sims Deluxe Cheats For PC

  1. Get money easily

    First, buy a firework launcher. Then, shoot the rocket. When it comes down, press pause. You're now able to move the cursor on the rocket and sell it for 5,000 dollars.

    Contributed by: primalmayswindu 

  2. Don't waste time taking out the trash...

    If you use the $30 trash can, when it gets full you can sell it for $30 (it doesn't go down in value like other items). Then just buy a new (empty) one without losing time or money.

    Contributed by: erikaadams 

  3. Get abducted by aliens

    To get abducted by aliens, buy a telescope and gaze at the stars at about 2 or 3 in the morning. Be patient, your Sim will soon be abducted by a strange light. Fast forward the a few hours of game time. The aliens will place your Sim back on the ground. He or she will go about back to normal, and may sometimes talk to a neighbor or think about being abducted.

    Contributed by: RSX 

  4. Cockroaches/Virtual Reality set

    Do not clean your house and wait for cockroaches to appear. When they appear, pick them up and sell them for 460 Simoleans. The game will describe them as the SSRI Virtual Reality Set.

    Contributed by: RSX 

  5. Potions

    Buy a Concoctanation Station. Have your Sim make potions and then drink them.
    Blue: Fills three of your stat bars.
    Light Green: Depletes all of your stat bars.
    Dark Green: Make an evil clone.
    Orange: Turns you invisible.
    Yellow: Change your personality points.
    Red: Make someone fall in love with you.
    Purple: Turn you into a monster.

    Contributed by: RSX 

  6. Game Altering Codes

    Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and type these codes in the box that appears on the top left corner.

    Effect Effect
    crash Crash game
    water_tool Create moat or streams
    interests Displays personality and interests.
    rosebud gives you 1000 simoleons
    move_objects on Move objects
    quit Quit game
    refresh_textures Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters
    ;! Repeat least code
    rotation <0-3> Rotate Camera
    save Save currently loaded house
    history Save family history file
    sim_speed <-1000-1000> Set game speed
    grow_grass <0-150> Set grass growth
    autonomy <1-100> Sets free thinking level.
    grow_grass <1-150> Sets grass growth rate.
    tile_info on Tile information displayed
    tile_info off Tile information hidden
    cam_mode Toggle Camera mode
    music Toggle Music
    sound Toggle Sounds

    Contributed by: RSX, yugiboydragoon, Wolfboy89, fruitman756, Shadow. 

  7. Game Altering Codes

    Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and type these codes in the box that appears on the top left corner.

    Effect Effect
    map_edit off Map Editor Disabled
    map_edit on Map Editor Enabled
    tutorial off No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded.
    restore_tut Restores tutorial
    lot_size <number> Set lot size
    set_hour <1-24> Set time of day (unpatched game version)
    sweep off Ticks disabled
    sweep on Ticks enabled
    sound_log Toggles sound log window

    Contributed by: RSX