Awsome game, but lots of hard work if you don't use cheats.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Sims: Bustin' Out PS2
Ok so this games graphics have improved allot from the first game. It has great game play, as you start at you Mum's house (Mom for Americans) trying to earn money from your Mum and get a job. Malcolm, your step dad is taking back gifts from his family and taking things from people who owe him money. You must get 10 promotions and take his mansion from him. It has better missions and locations than the first game, although the game does get hard without cheats.A great new addition is that you can unlock different cars and visit other locations. Also you can unlock the ability to be friends with and visit the houses of characters you make in free play mode.(Free play is basically sandbox mode where you don't do as much as on Bust Out (Story Mode) and you cant visit other locations. Although it used to have online play, the servers were removed.