A good (but not great) sims game

User Rating: 8 | The Sims: Bustin' Out PS2
Every once and a while, a hit game comes out. The sims was one of those games. But, as we all know, even a great thing can get boring after a while. So, they made sims for counsles. And only a couple months later, guess what came out? A sequal.

The sims bustin' out is, overall, a good game that is worth playing. For the first time your sim can get out of the house and visit places. As you progress, you unlock new vehicles, houses, items, ect.

The good is that you can get out of the house and explore. Also, there are many items you can place in your house. Plus, there are many career opritunities (but not as many as in sims 2 or three).

The bad is the actual sims. Your needs run out very quickly and you have a temper tantrum even if you do something as simple as getting out of bed. Plus, no matter how much you talk to people you can never refill your social needs.

graphics: 6.7
gameplay: 8.0
difficulty: 8.5 (very hard game)
music: 7.0
freshness: 6.0