Sims Bustin out is one of the best console sim games to ever be released. Maxis and EA did their homework this time, and

User Rating: 9.4 | The Sims Bustin' Out GC
One of the best Sim games to ever be released, period. I've beaten this game four times on two memory cards. It's amazing. The difficulty may vary through times, but I love climbing up the rock wall, and throwing zany parties at a house that I stole.

Graphics of this game are typical for Sims gamecube game. Near perfect. I love making my sims do things in, LAST GEN, graphics. You know what though? Who cares if it's last gen we're talking about here. The Sims Bustin' Out delivers a very fun story mode along with an above par multiplayer performance.

Bottom Line:
Once again, should be bought by anyone with a working console.~