I used to played this game lots. It's an OK game but glitches tend to get in the way.

User Rating: 7 | The Sims: Bustin' Out PS2
Even though this Sims game is decent. This game made me like The Sims franchise for a while but here is the review in parts:

First, your sim is daydreaming again and falls in love with one of the FS sims at the nightclub and you kiss them. Then your mom tells you that Malcolm (the wealthest man in the world) is taking away your scooter and tells you to get a job. But making your way up to the top at 10 levels in 7 carrers can tell your sims stories. Making friends and builiding skill points along the way.

The gameplay is a god sim just like the PC and it works like a simple point, select click to tell your sims what to do next. But glitches tend to get in the way like a sim is blocking their path or won't move which is annoying. Also, rather than staying in one house, you can move anywhere in the game. Just hop in the car or a scooter, depending on how you treat their property, they will give you money or even take away money if you're not careful.

Graphics are smooth and slik, nothing to talk about there.

We all know Sims speak simlish don't we. The music and the sound effects are ok.

If you're looking for a decent sims game. Give this one a try.