My first sims game i have EVER played. its what got me into it. very good gameplay.

User Rating: 8 | The Sims: Bustin' Out PS2
This game is very, very good. It's quite easy to understand. You start off as a created sim and can travel to different locations, each with their own weird, yet wonderful, characters and objects. You can unlock objects, too. What is also very cool is the fact that you can unlock cars too! Even limos!!!!!!! You must try to get to "Malcom's Mansion", which is very cool once your there. There are always charcters you might recognise from PC, Bella and Mortimer perhaps. Overall it is fun, great gameplay. WARNING!
Highly addictive. Like most Sims games, this one is highly brainwashable.
Thankyou for your time. NOT!