the sims bustin out for the gba is an instant classic , a great adventure and can also be considered as a puzzle game

User Rating: 8.5 | The Sims Bustin' Out GBA
The Sims Bustin Out for the gba is different from the PC port what did you except anyway the gba is not powerful , also go check out urbz sims in the city the game is similar but with improvment.

The sims bustin out for the gameboy advance offers up to 6 differents language to choose from such as : french , english , japan , spanish , portuguese , and deustch.

in the sims bustin out for the gba ,like the other sims games , you have needs to take care of , unlike the sims 2 and the sims 2 pets , you can see all the needs while the sims 2 series dont (im talking all about gba here), the needs are : blender , hunger , wash, sit , sleep , fun , social , room
i dont recommend the sims 2 series for the gba it is really worst than the sims bustin out and urbz sims in the city

You can also choose your gender and your clothes and hair , and also your astrological sign.

The game offers 5 chapters of 6 parts.
Once you completed the game you can still hangout and play as normal which is great for an adventure game .

you can buy furniture for your house and dont forget when you're living in the church dont forget to buy an alarm or the robber will keep robbing your items.

unlike the other ports you need to play mini games to reward money, on this game it offers up to 8 mini games you can play each mini game once a day and mini games are unlocked along the progession of the game

oh and forgot to say you can have a pet but he pee everywhere in your house