i will find the guy who made this and impale him w/ my master sword

User Rating: 1.1 | The Sims Bustin' Out GBA
this is the worst excuse for a game that money can buy for about $20.Me and my friend rent games to eachother,and after bringing this home for about 2 hr,i was sick of it as if i had been playing it for a few months. The gameplay isn't addictive and it goes on for ever.making money and such sounds like a good incentive,but ur stupid character always demands something.he has to go to bathroom.he's hungry.he cant talk to sum1 because he smells and needs to take a shower.the list is endless. The sound would make simon cowel commit suicide.It is annoying and tedius and it loops for ever.the npc interaction is an abomination.they never move anywhere and are boring. i gave the value a 2/10 because it is in a group of sims games,and anything...even them... can be sumwhat to very valueable in a collection. overall,i say unless u feel like wasting a few hours on crappy gameplay,or want to feel what its like to want to chuck ur controller into the wall,purchase this at once. Skalokos _-_-_- _-_-_-