the sims 4

User Rating: 10 | The Sims 4 PC

Available on PC Windows City Life The Sims 4 adds a new area: the bustling city of San Myshuno. We find it noisy neighbors, greedy administrators rent apartments, restaurants with exotic kitchens and many other interesting events and places. With the addition of our Sims can move into housing, and then luxury apartments. They were also given the option of choosing one of three new careers linked to city life: politics, critic and specialist in social media. Town Life allows Sims to live in one of the four districts of San Myshuno, and each of them offers a different architecture and capabilities. An additional attraction are street festivals and bars with karaoke. There were also new courses, where characters can indulge in at home and on the town. These include game consoles, painting murals and basketball.