Good Graphics, downgraded gamplay.

User Rating: 6 | The Sims 4 (Premium Edition) PC

Sims 4 has better graphics no doubt. But the gameplay its just so mediocre.

I mean I just played this game just for the sake of curiosity, and that's all..... Sims 3 even without it's EP's and Stuff packs is by far batter than this game. It's just so downgraded, no open world, limited worlds, and the funny part is that even with its new EP's (Get to Work, Dine out) its just not enough, the stuff there is not that attractive. (Also not to mention that there are "glitchy" stuff on the new careers at get to work.)

Clearly, you should only buy this game - just to say that you've played all 4 Sims games....