Your real life fantasy is here, The Sims 4

User Rating: 10 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

If you want to move and act your daily life play The Sims 4 in your computer game. It is teach and make you learn how human is various and complex as long as their still alive. The Sims 4 graphic is high detail and colourful. The game software is the weakness of the game, cause it need internet connection to play. Using program called origin. Another weakness is the character growth time to quick, so development from baby til it die to soon. User that enough age to play maybe is High school student. So they can play fluently.

The simology of character is limited, It should continue if the parent has children, so we can play until we boring. It would be fun and make us happy.

The game menus is complete, both build and live section. Gamer can make this game as real life fantasy.