A definite improvement

User Rating: 9 | The Sims 4 MAC

Besides the fact that they are missing certain essentials within this game such as toddlers and open worlds, I most definitely admit that the Sims 4 has considerably improved. The graphics of the game are incredible in my opinion. The sims themselves may look animated; however, they are seamless. They way in which you can play with them is amazing. This includes the aspects of their personality's really affecting their daily lives. The multitasking involved is also brilliant. A sim can easily be watching the TV, whilst eating food, also interacting with other sims all at once! Another feature that blew me away is how smoothly the sims move. If another sim is in the way, they simply walk around them. This also applies with objects. From my point of view, the Sims 3 never functioned in such a way. Last but certainly not least, the display and visuals that provide you with the controls to manage this Simulation is extremely simplified in comparison to the previous gameplay series. It is more structured, and appears much lighter, being very user-friendly. Ultimately, the new Sims 4 base game is respectfully awesome! With the many expansion packs yet to come, including Get To Work, which releases in April, I'm absolutely sure that the game will continue to become an enjoyable, worthwhile experience.