User Rating: 6 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

I LOVE THE SIMS... but this game didn't meet my expectations.

The Sims 4 seems like an upgraded 3D version of the facebook game "The Sims Social" than "The Sims" to me. "The Sims Social" doesn't exist anymore, but the similarities are discouraging.

There are less color/customization options for the graphics, the base world seems smaller, and you cannot determine how well your Sims perform at work or school. If you leave your house to go elsewhere with one character, your other Sims are left to fend for themselves instead of being able to control them as well.

The things I enjoyed most that have been added are the customization of the body, and multitasking. I also appreciated the hilarious flavor text.

I have returned the game, but would be willing to buy it again if expansions change what is problematic for me. For now I'll stick to The Sims 3.