An expensive facebook app

User Rating: 1 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

The trailers of this game looked really good and I bought the game, unfortunately it was so bad I had to return it. There is just nothing in this game. Even the facebook sims has more features. Here are my conclusions:

create-a-sim: Same as in sims 3 but without sliders. The sims look a better in my opinion then the pudding-looking sims in sims 3, but the color customization of clothing and hair, which I liked, is gone. Overall it is good.

gameplay: Here are the reasons I gave this game such a low score. This game limited and empty = boring game.

The new features in the game:

-sims can multitask: It is nice to look at but adds absolutely nothing to the gameplay.

-emotion system: Nice but not as fun as in the trailers. Sims get a "mood badge" and then get some new interactions. they change facial expression and the way they walk. "A whole new gameplay" is an overstatement. This is better then the sims 3 lifeless puppets, but much like the sims in sims 2, that had many interactions too. The problem is that that's all you have in this game. They should have made this an expention pack for sims 3, not a whole new game that is based on it (without everything else)

downgrades features:

-You get loading screens. I didn't even want to visit neighbors or go to community lots.

-No pools, toddlers, regular jobs, traditional objects like yard telescope (look for the whole list of missing features in google).

-Tiny lots

-No create a style.

-Messy boring goal system

-There is nothing you can customize

This game to me is awful. I even refer to play sims 1. I want to create a whole neighborhood from scratch but I can't. At least the sims 3 game me an open neighborhood instead. I can't do anything I want at all and the gameplay feels totally pointless. EA made an app\tablet game and sales it overpriced. This is the reason there are no features. They wanted to sell it to as many devices as they can, because of that they gave us a weak game that could have been released a decade ago. As a fan that loved all the previous games, I advice you to stay away from this one.