Missing to much

User Rating: 4 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

I liked aliens, ghosts, the careers, create a style, not to mention dishwasher, cars and even those annoying toddlers. To me this is Sims 1 enhanced visually. There's too much missing content that made the Sims, the Sims. The only good things are the smooth play, create-a-Sim and building mode but with the lack of styles, colours and textures it fails to even do that right. I loved searching for aliens, green babies and my Sims being frightened by ghosts, I spent hours creating the right home, décor and styles. I miss the book store, the grocers and pools. Sims 2 lacked an open world and creating but with custom content you could create anything from your imagination while Sims 3 may have been buggy but value wise it had far more and was entertaining to play.The Sims 4 is stripped to basic, concentrated on emotions and collections that do very little and seriously over priced. I miss the Sims.