no real effort was put in this game

User Rating: 3 | The Sims 4 (Limited Edition) PC

no changes in the gameplay and they took many cool items away. the landscape didn't change at all. clearly no effort put in this game.

the game does not change in how you build a house or create a character. While sims 3 made a huge change and was very successfull while this game does not have very big changes. Take a look at the landscapes, the trees and park layout did not change. The graphics did not even change. The price on the other hand is a bad price so i would not recommend buying this game.

the items have not really changed at all, they took the pools away which is a big disappointment. The people didn't change in character and the game does have many bugs.

the game misses items and features like:

burglars, aliens, pools, and garage doors.

this game is a waste of money.