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The Sims 4 will be an over-priced DRM nightmare.

There will be a Limited addition for around $60 and a Full addition (with a catchy name that is designed to make you think that somehow it's better) for around $80. 


Anyone else have any other predictions.

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Expansions for the Sims 3 were expensive, repetitive, and light in content. This was particularly true as the game aged. I quit buying them, long before they quit making them. I haven't heard enough about the next installment to make a judgment. From what I can see from the screen shots, the character models look much better. I enjoyed the franchise. It had some unique and surprisingly deep gameplay. But I think the series has run its course for me. If this is a graphical update, I won't be interested enough to play it again. If they change the gameplay too much, it will remove the things that I liked in the first place. The series had it's flaws, but it was addictively fun at one time. I'm just not certain that I have another SIms franchise in me. I may or may not be good, but I'm not sure I want to play it. If it is overpriced and has annoying DRM definitely not. I'm not a fan of the online only trend for modern games, but I can't blame developers for avoiding piracy. It just annoys me when DRM schemes wind up punishing the people who actually bought the game.

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I see people never learning, buying this game and supporting the over price dlc and micro transactions; that flood and slow the game down. So at the end of the day EA can laugh and call them all suckers. as the suckers cry on the forums about how they got ripped off; As if this is the first time EA done greedy s**t caring only for them self's. To entertain people that come on the forums and see it flooded with EA scammed me threads. Because those people been through a scam or two and tried to warn the suckers not to buy EA’s micro transaction games. The people that bought SimCity know what I'm talking about. But some people learn through that action of others; some learn from experience; others take the warning and others never learn.

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We have Sims 2 for free. So who cares.

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im predicting the sims 4 getting a 8 or a 9 in reviews and it will be nothing special sims games are pretty over rated and this game will get a high score so it wont hurt sales