And EA does it again!

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Wtf is wrong with them this is horrible. I went on the 50x50 grid just for fun, started building my house and if I put a roof on my 3rd floor it crash immediately, I mean how the **** can they make this game so incomplete that they're not even checking for simple bugs like that.

$70 for another shitty game. EA overprice their shit. You know it's marketing when they put a high price on it making us think that they at least worked the bugs out. Maybe I should return to boycotting their products like I did 2 years ago.

It's sick to do that to their people who buy their games. I mean wtf I can't have a giant fucking mansion in a video game that is meant to do that? (and actually put a roof on it?)

Go for it if you don't believe me, Try doing a house like 45x45, make 2 floors with walls, add a big foundation (of course it's a fucking mansion), add a roof on the 3rd floor. I mean wtf, I can't even put a regular 3rd floor then add a roof on the 4th one.

No pools either, no cars, no workplace, shitty interactions... They also love their damn yogurt.

My sims can't even be filthy rich in a fucking mansion!!!

<Goes crazy running around the place>

I think the reviews scores by the community says it all, it's a mediocre game at best.

Someday, the gaming community will be so annoyed by this that they'll stop buying theses games and I hope that day come soon and theses corporations die with it.

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@Goupil418: Yeah it's awful, I remember the days when you bought a brand new game and played it without any problems, nowdays... I actually wait at least a month, that is until at least one patch is out (tho one patch is not enough in most cases, but w/e), to play a game.

And it's not just EA, it's everyone...

I guess they can be tardy now since (unlike before) almost everyone has access to internet and can download patches easily.