The new Sims takes a step forward but could have taken a leap.

User Rating: 8 | The Sims 3 X360
I have been a fan of the series since I was a pup and have to say that Will Wright sure didn't leave much of a bang for his last Sims game. The Sims to me have always felt like a human version of a pet game. With the whole stuck-in-a-bowl thing and the fact that in a way, you have to take care of them. The new one follows the same formula but has greatly expanded that bowl to the size of an entire town. That part sounds exciting to any Sims fan but you get slapped back to reality when you see just how big the sandlot is. Now, I know making a town takes alot of work and all that noise but EA could have done so much more with this but just didn't!

You see places like a school and you send your sim to sign up but then he disappears. A little interior would have been nice! The same goes for every other extra activity that doesn't involve a park, a gym, or the beach. The Sims have had things like that since day one and before they could get away with it but we don't live in the stone age anymore. There were sooo many things they could've added to that, like have you follow your sim to work, see your sim go the hospital when a baby arrives, see your sim go to get the idea. I just think that EA played it safe too much and decided to hold back on advancement until maybe the next or two sequels. Now the end product suffers from what could have been the best simulation ever. But with the lack of much change out of the way, let's see the good that did come out of this...

The build a house idea got some cool new features like more objects, unique doors and basically the ability to make any kind of thing you want. They have also added random acts of god to it too that closely resembles that of Sims city. A nice touch to see the ability to add a little destruction to the game and is a fun way to pick on your sims and see them squirm helplessly for their lives. I had fun with that and was delighted to see random disasters happen even without you pressing anything. This magic Karma Powers thing also has ways to make your sim have a bad day like lowering Needs to zero or Bad Luck and one personal favorite: Haunting. I like how the ghosts possess objects and the blood red lighting, nice idea! And you could even play good God and give them a great day by cleaning messes or facial reconstruction without the consequences. Well, it pretty much has you playing God. EA took it a step further and gave you the ability to revive a dead sim!

The pleasure of raising a family has the most improvement above all else. Your sim actually ages, you can teach a baby how to walk, talk and use the potty. You can watch your own sims do this themselves which is just adorable! The females actually make better moms then most moms I have seen in real life. Alot of the animation appears to be motion captured and your sims finally move and act like real people. Follow a sim till death and you can even see generations of them continue the legacy and create a nice family story. With all these things in mind, this is the reason why I can't give the game a low score. To say the least, The Sims 3 is the best Sims game to date that I have played but could have been better. The graphics are only polished reflections of the previous titles as well. That much was a tiny disappointment... The sound is as good as always with your sims still speaking simglish and accompanied by catchy elevator music. That ol' chestnut ain't much to complain about. Gameplay can't really be reviewed since you still don't really play the game, you just guide it.

Fans of the series will be sure to enjoy this but might find the overall experience to be a bit hollow. Maybe the PC version is better, well the PC version always is better. But if you don't have a good PC graphics card or processer, the console version is still fun in its own way.